Fresh Specialities from the Region

Our partners are regional producers that put a high priority on the highest quality and standards, just as we do.

See for yourself who we and our partners are:

Additional Partners:

Josef Eisenreich Goose farm in Haunersdorf near Landau on the Isar
Metzgerei Brummer Meat, sausage, and deli products from Eichenried
Deutsche See Fish supplier (regional and international products)
Tegernseer Naturkäserei Hay milk specialities from Kreuth
Konrad Weber Potato and cabbage farmer in Fischerhäuser
Frischgemüse Vesenmaier Vegetables and lettuce from Rechtmehring
Spargelhof Pichler Asparagus grower in Hohenwart
ADELHOLZENER Alpenquellen Refreshing beverages from the Chiemgau region
Grünbacher Weißbier Bavarian wheat beer brewery in Grünbach
Hofbräu München State brewery in Munich
Brennerei Ziegler Fine spirits (distillery) from Freudenberg
Brennerei Lantenhammer Distillery of specialities in Hausham/Schliersee