Culinary Delights from Bavaria

Bavaria is our home and the home of good, hearty meals. Without a doubt, the menu at Restaurant Erber reflects our Bavarian roots. Our team in the kitchen, under the direction of Head Chef Thomas Erber, always endeavours to find the right selection for all tastes.

Enjoy the regional specialities and let yourself be pampered by the freshness and quality of our dishes. We not only carefully choose our ingredients, but also prepare them with quite an eye for details. Our partners are regional producers that, just as we do, put their stock in the best quality and highest standards. One of our special partners is Gut Karlshof, located right in the same town. This estate is where the high-quality ox meat for our specialities originates. Gut Karlshof is, by the way, where the ox meat for Oktoberfest comes from, as well, every year.

Enjoy fresh regional specialities prepared for you by Head Chef Thomas Erber. Our partners are regional producers that put an emphasis on best quality and standards just as we do. One of our special partners is Gut Karlshof, which is right here near us in Fischerhäuser. Since 1986, its farming has focused on producing quality oxen and ox beef. We procure our ox meat from Gut Karlshof, which delivers to Oktoberfest for preparation right on the premises. Our dishes feature assorted variations of ox meat. Try our beef from the ox and taste the quality for yourself.